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Muhurat Consultation

Muhurat is a very positive time for Success. Astrology has a name for auspicious and inauspicious time which is called ‘muhurat’. It is said that chances for the success of a task is maximised if it is done in an auspicious muhurat. That is, it will give you the maximum result as per your destiny if you perform the task in the right Muhurtha. That is why it is important to consider muhurat before initiating an activity.

As we take separate medicines for separate diseases, there are different auspicious muhurats for different works. In ancient Vedic days muhurats were consulted while performing yajnas but after considering its manifold utilities and positive aspects there has been an increasing demand of muhurats in our daily affairs. A person who believes in the goodness of muhurat always judges the muhurat of his activity before performing it.

Muhurat is very useful for people those do not have a birth chart or suffer from any dosha. It is seen that these people have succeeded in their tasks after carrying out it in an auspicious muhurat. Marriage is believed to be the beginning of a new life. Muhurat is of great importance in marriage as it predicts the auspicious time and date of the marriage for maximum compatibility and a good life.

Parts of Muhurat

Astrology says while judging a muhurat it is important to consider the combinations of a weekday with Ascendant and nakshatra. Muhurat of auspicious and placid nakshatra is apt for carrying out a good job. To get a desired muhurat, purification of Ascendant is also required. So, while judging muhurat fair attention must be given to the status of the Ascendants. A person receives double benefits if his navamsha is also auspicious.

To get a good muhurat it should be noticed that a person’s kundli does not have any planet in the eighth house and the Ascendant is with an auspicious planet. If there is no such placement then position of auspicious planet in the Trikha and Kendra house will prove good or placement of s malefic planet in the third, sixth and eleventh house will work wonder. While judging a best muhurat it is required that the Ascendant is not placed along with the Moon and the Paap Kartari dosha is not formed. The the Ascendant should not fall in the second house to the Moon and there should be no malefic planet in the twelfth house from Moon.

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