Vastu Consultation

Vastu is a vedic science. It is possible through this powerful science to bring ray of hope to the darkness of illluck in life. Unfortunately, some misconcepts are there regarding this science. Vastu is the art of incorporating the rules of vedas in the construction. It is a surprising fact but true that the construction on a plot can control the life systems.


It is in practice that builders would not follow the vastu rules in the commercial constructions. They feel no fear in violating vastu rules. The minimum period required for a construction is 01 year and in care of multistory building it could be 2-3 years. Any violation in vastu rules result in the down fall of the builder in 6 months whereas an honest attitude to wards vastu purusha and vastu rules can bring happiness and prosperity in the life of the bulder within an year.


Importance of  Vastu Shastra


Why Vastu is needed


In the world everything, substance, man and other animals are made from the Panchmahabhoot that is the five basic elements. The earth, the water, the fire, the wind and the sky. The five elements have close relationship with man and his environment. Nature has given them their proper place according to merit.


If we give proper place to these elements at proper places in our building we become one with Nature. Actually nature is the God. One can experience the eternal truth of nature on every step. The whole nature is overpowered with magnetic environment.


The modern man has waged a war with nature in many fields. We can see nature with our own eyes and we can experience the Panchmahabootas. Going against them would lead us to sure destruction. Taking the surroundings and the proper places for these elements into consideration, the sages and seers introduced Vaastushastra. For showing themselves rational, some people think Vaastushastra as superstitious. This is really a great misfortune for them.


Many a times a man purchases a place (plot) or house because it is cheap. He does not pay any attention to the usefulness or harmfulness of the same. If he purchases a place, plot or building using the principles of Vaastushastra, his economic front definitely improves and gets peace and prosperity. However, if the selection goes wrong it leads to financial losses, untimely deaths of important people, gap in the education of children etc. He then turns to God. After taking all possible measures if the position remains bad he blames his fate.


Without Karma (Action) there are no fruits. But if we are not getting the returns after good Karma then, by following Vaastushastra we can remove the defects in the structure and enjoy the fruits. However, if after removing the defects in the house, we don't do any thing, progress is not possible. Karma needs the help and support of the basic elements, nature and environment. To make changes in our building structure as per Vaastushastra is also a sort of work i.e. Karma.


Five Elements of Vastu Shastra


Panch Mahabhootas -- Five Elements



All objects of this universe are made of five elements basically. These five basic elements are (1) Earth or Soil (2) Water (3) Fire (4) Air (5) Space ( Aakash ). These are called "Panch Mahabhoot".


First Element : Prithvi – Earth


Earth here means composition of the surface of the earth , the soil and other minerals present in the soil. The upper part of the surface is called soil, Stone, sand, iron, lime etc., all these are parts of soil. All these physical elements are available in limited quantity and on a particular place. This depends on the composition of surface, its form and size, trees and vegetation grown upon it etc. that whether it will be appropriate to inhabit at such a place or not . Moreover if there is a residence there , what type of construction should be there. Availability of essential building materials and their transportation also depend upon the formation of soil . Soil can be categorized on the basis of its shape , touch , taste and sound . We must take care that it suits our physique while selecting land for building and collecting building material.


Second Element : Jala – Water


This is represented by rain ,river ,sea and is in the form of liquid , solid(ice) and gas (steam , cloud ) . It forms part of every plant and animal. Our blood is nothing but water with haemoglobin and oxygen.

Third Element : Agni – Fire


Fire circulates energy in the form of light and heat . The sun is the main source of light and heat for us. The movement of the earth in relation to the sun causes day and night and change in seasons .


Fourth Element :Vayu – Air


As a life supporting element, air is very powerful life source. Human physical comfort values are directly and sensitively dependent on correct humidity, air flow, temperature of air, air pressure, air composition and its content. 
Foul air should not gather in the building and fresh air should come continuously . From which direction air should enter or not is also important.


Fifth Element : Aakash – Space


Space is the most widely spread over of the five basic elements. The unending region of the universe in which all the heavenly bodies exist is called space ( Aakaash ). There is no place in the universe where this space does not exist. Gravitational pull of various heavenly bodies, magnetic power, different kinds of radiations and waves like ultra -violet rays, infra- red rays, light rays , cosmic rays, etc. are always present in space.


There is an invisible and constant relation between all the five elements. Thus, the man can improve his conditions by properly designing his buildings by understanding the effectiveness of these five natural forces.



Vastu Purusha


Vaastu Purush is present in each and every plot whether it is big or small. He has a fixed and peculiar body. His head remains hanging down and his body is spread all over the length and breadth of the ground. There is an interesting story in the MATSYA PURAN in which the birth of Vaastu Purusha is narrated. By reading that story one knows why the worship of the Vaastu Purusha is necessary before beginning construction of any building.


Puranic Story of Vastu Purusha

Long long ago Lord Shiva fought against the demon named ANDHAKA and killed him. While fighting with demon, Shiva was very much tired and began to sweat profusely. A man was born of the drops of Shiva's sweat. He looked very cruel. He was very hungry. So he began to make penance to appease Lord Shiva and get a boon from him. Shiva was pleased with his penance and appeared before him. The devotee prayed to Shiva,"Oh Lord! Please permit me to eat away all the three worlds." Shiva said," Let it be so." The devotee's joy knew no bounds. He got possession on all the three worlds and first he was ready to eat the terrestrial world (Bhooloka). Then the celestial (Devatas), Brahma, Shiva and the demons (Rakshasas) also were terrified and caught hold of the devotee encircling him.


Vaastu Purusha, being arrested like this, said to the Gods, "Oh, Celestial Beings! You have all caught hold of me and tied me on all the sides. How long shall I be like this, in this position hanging my head down like a prisoner? What shall I eat? Listening to those words, the celestial beings said, "Today is Bhadrapada Shukla Triteya Saturday and 'Visakha Star'; So you lie down here on the ground changing your position once in three months, i.e. from 'Bhadraspada' to 'kartik' you lie down putting your head in the eastern direction and your feet towards the west. During the months of "Margashira", 'Pusham' and 'Magha', you lie down towards the south looking towards the west and put your feet towards the north during the months of 'Phalgun', 'Chaitra' and 'Vaisakh' put your head towards the west and feet towards the east., looking towards the north; in the months of 'Jyestha', 'Ashadha' and 'Sravana', put your head towards the east. North and the feet towards the south & look towards the east. Whatever side you may turn, you will have to lie down on the left side only. You will be known as 'VAASTU PURUSHA'. You will tease the people, to your heart's content, who construct buildings and temples, dig wells and tanks on the side towards which you see and in the direction towards which you hold your feet. You may trouble and even devour those people who construct the aforesaid buildings and temples etc. In the direction where you lay your head and back and those who lay foundation-stone without worshipping you or without satisfying you with "Homa" and the like. Then the Vaastu-Purusha was quite satisfied. Since then the worship of Vaastu-Purusha has been in vogue and it has become compulsory for those who want to construct any kind of building.