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Online,On Phone & Personal Horoscope Consultation

Mantra Sadhna Jyotish Foundation provide Online Horoscope Consultation in all over the world. People are usually eager to know about their future prospects and solutions for hindrances. They consult an Astrologer when either they are going through unfavorable, lean phases or confused, in dilemma about taking important decisions in life. They are keen to know when their problems are to be over, which direction to follow. Astrologer suggests them effective remedies in accordance with planetary positions in person’s chart. People may visit Astrologers in person to get their horoscope predictions. These days’ people prefer to buy any Astro product or Astro services online. Online Astrology Services can be used sitting comfortably in your abode. No wonder, people choose online astrology services these days.

In the modern time, you need not visit the astrologer to have predictions about your future prospects, lean time and to seek guidance. Many astrologers provide online astrology services nowadays. You can consult your astrologer with the comfort of sitting at your home. That’s why online astrology services are becoming more and more popular these days. Our astrologers give online astrology Horoscope predictions using Indian Vedic astrology. We recommend suitable remedies to our clients after carefully studying their horoscopes.

Our effective astrology services are available Online also. We have promoted a website “www.astrosadhna.com” for this purpose. Horoscope predictions services are available at affordable prices for our valued customers. You can seek astrological guidance from famous Astrologer Dr.Naveen Sharma in Delhi India sitting at your home. Our astrology services are available in Delhi, Whole India and Abroad.

We prepare customize reports based on chart calculated in accordance with Birth Details provided by you. The comprehensive analysis report contain: Astrological highlights of your horoscope attached with report, Information about your Ascendant, Moon sign and other important planetary combinations in your birth chart. Astrological factors involved with respect to your questions/situation. Details about Current planetary transits / periods and their possible effects on your areas of concern are mentioned. Astrology predictions are given with clear cut answers to your question based on thorough analysis of your birth chart. Detailed important planetary influences in the near future are also mentioned. Personalized remedies, with options provided that are easy to follow, related to the questions you ask. We assure for our very best attention, services and guidance with effective solutions.

According to your requirement to get effective personalised horoscope prediction and solutions to all your problems.

1. Physical Health & Personality Report

2. Financial (Money) Report

3. Pieces of Mother,Vehicle & Property Report

4. Education Stream (MBA,IT,Medical,Low Etc.) Report

5. Piece of Child Report

6. Friends,Enemies and Diseases Report

7. Marriage,Love Marriage,Arrange Marriage,Remarriage,Divorce Report

8. Match Making Report

9. Working Area,Job,Business And Destiny Report

10. Singing,Modeling,Acting,Writing and Games Report

11. Abroad Travelling & Abroad Trade Business Report

12. Mentaly Health & Depression Report

13. Bank Balance & Profit Report

14. As Per Your Need You Want to Get Any Report


1.Online & On Phone Consultation Charges 30-45 mint. Rs 1100/-

2.Personal Meeting with Astrologer Dr.Naveen Sharma for 30-45 mint. Rs 2100/-

3.Per Report Requested Charges RS 2100/-

You can consult your horoscope by phone to Astrologer Dr.Naveen Sharma after depositing the Requested consultation Charges. You can deposit the amount by card by cash & by Paytm in our Account No. 03980000400041108 (IFSC-PUNB0398000)Punjab National Bank Anandvihar, branch Delhi. Name: Mr.Naveen Sharma Amount as per Your service.


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